outdoor adventure hunt postponed!

Rainy, rain, rain, rain...

Thursday, May 12, 11am-6pm: Outdoor Adventure Hunt.  What happened to our fine weather? Nothing but rain and cool temps this week and although we love being outside no matter what the conditions (well, within reason), we think an outdoor adventure hunt begs for a little sunshine. So we are moving ours to next week. All ages are still welcome and no registration is required. Come to the shop to pick up your hunting list and bag and set off on an outdoor adventure nature hunt. Check off the boxes as you collect each item. Once your list is complete, return with your bag of collected items for prizes (hints: a sweet treat often found around the campfire, something round meant to adorn and be worn).

And speaking of rain delays... Cruise Night on Broad Street has been postponed until June 3rd. Apparently, antique convertible cars and rainy weather don't quite go together.

Saturday, May 7, 10am-4pm: Handmade Hopewell on Seminary Avenue. It's ON! A little rain can't dampen the spirits of all the fantastic makers we have lined up for this event and anyway, we anticipate the rain will hold off Saturday. You won't want to miss our inaugural Makers Fair! Check out the website and facebook page for more info: http://www.handmadehopewell.com